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“We want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things. That’s our intent.”

Free Templates

Every visitor to the website can download free templates from various categories. Our free templates are of high-quality but the designs may not be as extensive and intricate as our Premium Templates.  

Premium Templates

Premade Pixels offers a Premium Membership at an affordable monthly membership fee where members can download every template from the website. 

A premium membership means you’ll get every template on the website as well as newly released templates for a small fee.  

Custom Projects

We undertake special custom projects that our users & clients bring to the table. We specialise in Graphic Design, Web Design & Photography.

Graphic Design
Web Design

Why choose Premade Pixels?

Bang for your buck

Our aim at Premade Pixels is to make templates affordable while offering the highest quality.
From time to time we will offer amazing discounts and throw some crazy sales. Stay tuned.

Quick Support 24/7

We pride ourselves in providing awesome technical support. We ensure our customers never have to
scratch their heads after talking to our support team.

Secure Payments

Our website allows you to seamlessly & securely purchase templates via PayPal without leaving the website.

Growing Library

Our library of design templates is only going to keep growing. Our selection of templates will have your
next design project covered. We got your back!

Unlimited Usage

You can use our templates anywhere you'd like.
There are no restrictions. Have Fun!

Layered & Packaged

All templates are well organised, grouped & packaged making it super easy for you to jump in an make the necessary changes to the template. You won't have to scroll through 100's of layers to find what you want.

The Pixel Room



Pixel Ninja

Premade Pixels is created by Sherman Jackson, a graphic designer from India with a flare from the west. Premade Pixels was formed to give “designers on a budget” a good chance at fulfilling deadlines with quality templates for little or nothing.

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. We're about to change that.


Pixel Ninja

Innovative and deadline driven Graphic Designer with 4+ years of experience, designing and developing user-centered digital/print marketing material from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

The most creative approach is often the simple approach.

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Pixel Ninja

Loves Design, Loves God, Loves Life. Keeping it clean and simple is the way I like it. 

The client is always right. The designer is never wrong.